Should I take my bird to the vet? If you have just purchsed the bird from a pet store YES ALWAYS TAKE YOUR BIRD TO THE VET!  If you have bought from a breeder  ask questins, LOTS of questions.  If the breeder has already taken  the animal to the vet find out why and ask for medical records BEFORE you buy the bird.  If  you already own birds  you need to have your bird check by a avian veternarian yearly to be sure the bird is not hiding any health problems. WATCH YOUR BIRDS DROPPINGS!  If you notice changes in your birds droppings it is usually the first sign of a heath problem and your bird should be taken to the doctor ASAP!  Birds  hide their illness to avoid being thrown out of a flock so by the time you see a sick bird it is usually too late! When taking a sick bird to the doctor be sure to  mention what you are feeding it and also tell the doctor if you have other birds in the house as they may need to be seen as well.