Wing Clipping: To avoid a major disaster and serious injury or death it is VERY important that your parrots wings be clipped. An unclipped parrot can face many dangers in the home including flying into windows, flying into boiling water, and crashing into a wall. Clipping the flight feathers is not harmful or abusive to your bird in any way.
Things you will need when clipping feathers:
1. Scissors
2. Styptic powder
3. Small towel
4. someone to assist you

First cover the birds head with  a small towel and while holding bird in right hand extend the left wing fully with your left hand. Second have your helper clip 4 to 5 primary flight feathers. (The primary flight feathers are the long feathers on the wing) NEVER CUT ABOVE THE FLIGHT FEATHERS!!!!!! Repeat the same steps on the right wing. While not likely if bleeding should occur use styptic powder on the area and apply pressure until bleeding stops. If you do not feel comfortable clipping your birds wings by all means contact your avain veternarian.

Bathing:  Birds need a bath just as much as you and I do. Bathing helps rid the bird of dust and dirt. There are several ways you can give your bird a bath in the home. My favorite way is misting with a spray bottle containing water. You can add a bird bath to the birds cage but keep in mind everytime the bird uses it the water needs to be changed. 

Food and Water: ALWAYS KEEP FRESH CLEAN WATER IN YOUR BIRDS WATER DISH.  Keep plenty of food in your birds feeder because birds eat several small meals daily. NEVER ALLOW BIRDS TO DRINK FROM A DIRTY WATER DISH!!  Water contamination can lead to very serious health problems and death for pet birds.