My Story - All About Parrots
I own several birds, 14 to be exact. 1 Sun Conure, 1 Quaker Parrot, 8 Parakeets, 1 male Canary, 2 Zebra Finches, and 1 cockatiel. I enjoy spending my days in the company of these wonderful animals and watch how they communicate with each other. I am always learning from them and their actions. As spring nears new feathers  grow and old feathers fall away. Eggs are laid and ready to hatch  and bring new life into the flock. I am simply a student of nature who is taught by the creatures which occupy it. I love all animals but the birds are my favorite because of their beauty and intelligence.
2/20/2011 10:05:08

I didn't know you had that many birds? How do you feel about the ban on Quakers in New Hampshire? Quakers are very intelligent. Does yours talk?


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